Tuesday, May 16, 2017


1)    Do NOT flaunt or display expensive jewelry, electronics or cash.  This makes you a Target!!

2)      Carry on your person only what you truly need.

3)     If you run or walk at a very early or late hour, have someone accompany you or wait until it is lighter outside.

4)     When walking to your car, click open your car right before you get to it.  Have your car keys in hand or ready.

5)     If someone is following you, move quickly to a house or store, etc., or yell for help.

6)     Similar to number 4, when approaching your residence, have your key in hand and ready.  If you know you will be returning late, leave an outside light on!

7)     If a stranger attempts to force you into your car, fight them them off as much as you can.  Do NOT allow them into  your car with you, unless you have a stun gun or pepper spray with you to use on them.  Do NOT let a stranger force  ou into their car either.

8)     Always try to park in well lit areas w/people, traffic, and businesses around.  Always lock your car doors no matter  where you are!  If being followed in your car - do NOT go home - drive to a Police Station, or a business, etc., to get help.

9)     DO NOT open your house or apartment door to someone you don't know.  Talk through the door, but do not open it!  Make sure you have dead bolts installed on your doors.

10)   To protect yourself in an apartment of house, you can use motion/sensor alarms to detect possible intruders before they break in.  Plumm's has several of these alarms at very reasonable prices.

11)     If you are attacked and are defenseless - give your attacker what they want (money, jewelry, etc.) - your life is worth a lot more than these possessions.

                          Plumm's has non-lethal self-defense products to protect you!!!
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Friday, May 12, 2017

Plumm's List of Self-Defense and Safety Tips Blog

I retired a few months ago from a position with an electric utility.  I was in the information technology field, programming in multiple computer languages, and being a PC support person in my final years.  I supported over 500 PCs by myself in both hardware support and did some programming when needed.  My wife was a nurse for 40 years and also decided to retire.When we retired we decided to start an Internet business.  I knew we could not just sit around and watch TV, so we decided to start an internet business.  We chose to sell non-lethal self defense products as we both felt that there was a market for these products.  With the amount of violence seeming to increase, many people seem to be looking for a way to protect themselves, and we started 'Plumms' as a means of procuring non-lethal self defense products. 

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Type of Offense of    Total # for    Increase/Decrease       Rate per         The Percent of Total
   Violent Crime            2015              from 2014               100,000             Violent Crime

Aggravated                764,449          Inc. 4.6%                    237.8                   63.8%

Murder and                  15,696          Inc. 10.8%                     4.9                     1.3%

Rape                            90,185          Inc. 6.3%                      39.3                    7.5%

Robbery                   327, 374          Inc. 1.4%                    101.9                   27.3%

Burglary                1,579,527          Dec. 7.8%                   491.4                    19.8%

We started 'Plumms-Innovative-Solutions' late in 2016 and have it operational by the first quarter of 2017.  At this point, we have almost 200 products available on our web site.  It has taken some time to fully understand the market, but we are making progress on a day by day basis.  Our goal is to be a source for these products and have a means for the average person to obtain these products. Our product categories include:

Home & Business Security

           Diversion Safes
           Motion/Sensory Devices
Personal Alarms
Police Supplies
Safe Family Life Kits
Self Defense
          Animal Control
          Pepper Sprays
Stun Gun Flashlights
Stun Guns
Survival Gear

One of Plumm's most popular line of items is our Survival Gear. This is very extensive, carrying food items that last several weeks to several years. We also carry several emergency packs that have up to 60 items and the items are really tasty. These packs are designed in addition to provide food and care for dogs and cats. Even 4 Person Elite Survival kits to Classroom kits are available. Plumm's tries to provide almost every possible kit including 'Extreme College Survival Kits' to 'Auto Survival Kits'. If you want to truly be prepared for almost any emergency, you may need a variety of Plumm's Survival Gear. Do not be caught unprepared in any emergency. Plumm's is your answer at all times. Be Safe - Be Prepared!!

 4 Person Elite Survival Kit                      Extreme College Survival Kit

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Stun guns are an excellent source of self-defense; they can disable an attacker temporarily when the device delivers a non-lethal, high-voltage electric shock. When used properly they are effective in putting a large individual on the ground in seconds and disabling that person up to 30 minutes or more. Stun guns are not actually guns, they are electronic devices that have electrodes that protrude at the end of the device. The electronic currents range from 200,000 to 20 million volts - and they do not permanently injure or kill anyone regardless of the voltage. They work by causing the assailant's muscles to work very fast and depletes them of needed blood sugars. This is turn causes loss of muscle control, balance, as well as confusion and disorientation rendering the attacker incapable of further aggression. This gives the victim time to escape and get help. Plumm's has a wide variety of Stun Guns to meet your self defense needs. We provide small to large stun guns that can easily be hidden and this can be critical to you.  Probably no self defense item can provide more bang for the buck than stun guns. 

Black Runt Gun                                    Slider Stun Gun

Hike n Strike Walking Stick                                                     Sting Ring Stun Gun

Our Website is:   http://www.Plumms-Personal-Safety-Solutions.com/login.asp

Stun guns are widely carried self-defense products that are popular with women who wish to have some protection from attackers. There are many small self-defense products on the market that can be used on an assailant, but one of the most disabling to a potential attacker is the stun gun. Just a few seconds of contact with a stun gun can leave an assailant unable to stand or move.   
Stun guns require no special training to learn to use them properly. They are less expensive than guns and are a more aggressive type of personal protection device than pepper spray. Stun guns are usually small enough to carry in a purse, and some are small enough to tuck into a pocket.
There are many stun guns that work with a wrist strap. This safety device means that the stun gun can’t be used if it is pulled away from the owner’s wrist. This enables a person to carry it without worrying about it being used against them by an attacker.
While some women find it daunting to pull the trigger on a gun, pushing the button on a stun gun doesn’t result in a kickback from the weapon. It’s also less damaging to an assailant, resulting in a non-lethal shock that is usually not permanently harmful.
It only takes coming into contact with the voltage of a stun gun for two seconds before a reaction is caused in the attacker. It can be used on any part of the body and cause the same effect, unlike pepper spray, which must be aimed directly in the face.
Some women use their stun gun as a defense weapon from farther away by pressing the button and letting a potential attacker see the sparks of electricity flow between the contacts. This can help a woman to avoid an unnecessary confrontation without having to actually use the device on the assailant.
With the many types of stun guns on the market, women can choose tiny models that will fit into a clutch purse or larger ones that will deliver more power. Some young women take them to college to prevent dangerous incidents from occurring on campus. They are light enough to be tucked into a backpack or carried on top of a stack of books.
Many women who carry stun guns feel safer about working late at the office or about a commute that can be unpredictable. Having a small weapon to use gives some women peace of mind when they are feeling nervous about their surroundings.
Another reason that many women prefer to use stun guns over using a handgun is that the effects of a stun gun are non-lethal, making them safer to keep in the home. If a family member were to get a hold of a stun gun and use it accidentally, the device would not result in permanent injury or worse. After a few minutes, the person would simply recover from the jolt.

Other Frightening Crime Statistics!
  • Every 2 minutes someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted!
  • One violent crime occurs every 20 seconds!!!
  • One aggravated assault occurs every 35 seconds!
  • One robbery occurs every 60 seconds!
  • One burglary occurs every 10 seconds!
  • One property crime every 3 seconds!